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My name is Gergo Jonas, friends just call me Coach G. I grew up in a basketball family and sport has been a part of my life since childhood.

After school, I took over the younger generation team as a coach.

As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I worked with athletes, fat loss clients and all kind of fitness enthusiasts of different levels.

I'm a Sports Nutritionist, also a vegan athlete and I'll be able to deliver my best knowledge about plant-based nutrition and supplements, whether you are a long-time vegan or just playing with the idea. Yes! It's Possible!

I have specialised in athletic training and body transformations as I transformed my own and many others.

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See my certificates here:

Certified Sport Nutritionist

Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes

Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Specialist


Workout anywhere, anytime

By signing up to my Superhuman 5-9 Programme you can access to your routine anywhere. Watch the videos, download workouts to your phone, or any device.


I believe that to achieve the best physique possible we have to work-out using various techniques that incorporate strength, bodybuilding and conditioning training with the benefits of all styles.

But as I always say, you can’t out train a bad diet. With a customised nutrition plan you’ll finally see the results you’re looking for. You don’t put low grade fuel in a F1 racing car - why treat your body less than the best?

And the third component of my approach is the mind. In the journey of a transformation, mental fitness is a must. You’ll train your body and your mind too. 

You’re going to learn new moves, taste new foods and test your willpower in ways you never did before. You’ll find that you’re stronger than you knew, and enjoy the long-term health benefits.


Whatever your level of fitness or ability now, I can help you improve. This isn’t just another training program, it’s a lifestyle solution for living today.


This is my compleat training method.


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