Great way to exercise alone. I included full voice-over coaching on all videos to help you understand the movements and the purpose of the workouts.


The course includes a downloadable, 8-weeks workout calendar for 3 different fitness levels

Programme Overview

Workout breakdowns, explaining how to tackle the training sessions.

How To Use The Programme

I guide you through the programme on how to read your training calendar for all levels.

Strength Workout

This workout has been designed to build strength at home, without equipment. 

Flexibility Workout

This mobility and flexibility sessions will help you increase joint range of motion and keep you loose after a tough session

Movement Workout

Only bodyweight moves from different sports like boxing, basketball, dancing and animal flow.

Conditioning Workout

This high-intensity circuit session will test your muscle endurance.

Power Workout

Jumping, and other explosive moves are important to build power, quickness and coordination. Push this session hard.

Bonus Daily Mobility Routine

Daily mobility drills to improve posture, avoid injuries and muscle stiffness.

5 Different Workouts to Improve All Aspects of Fitness