Have you ever heard that nutrition is more important than training? Actually, that’s pretty accurate.

Our body works from the inside out, and even if we apply the right stimuli with the right training, if we don’t provide adequate building blocks for our system, the body has nothing to work with, and it can’t make the changes we’re looking for.

This isn’t just true for sport-specific training. Although I’m a Sport Nutrition Specialist, I don’t work solely with athletes. Far from it. I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities, but I see the same sorts of mistakes. I understand that not everyone wants to squat 600 lbs or run a marathon, but everyone wants to feel energetic, be well-conditioned and be able to work through the day with ease.


I bet you see people in the gym looking the same after going there for months and months and not seeing results. Maybe that’s you. But I really do know the feeling because I’ve been there, too. I used to think that if I worked out every day (yes, I was crazy), I could eat what I wanted and I’d be fine. But that wasn’t the case.

In fact, I just felt worse, with no energy, decreasing performance and loss of muscle mass. I knew something had to change, so I developed a nutrition plan that worked for me, and finally, everything began to fall into place.


Over the years, I switched to a plant-based diet, and then I fine-tuned it to reach my goals in sports and in the gym. Lots of people are still concerned about changing from meat and dairy diets, thinking that they won’t get enough nutrients. This has been disproven by science in the lab and on the field by athletes. Serena Williams? Vegan. Lewis Hamilton? Vegan. Jermain Defoe? Vegan. Patrik Baboumian? Vegan – and one of the strongest men in the world.

By now, you’ve probably got the point that giving up meat doesn’t mean giving up your fitness goals, too. If you want to read an article about this, I recently gave an interview on this topic to the specialist food supplement store, Holland & Barrett.



The most important thing you need to know is that it works. It works with my clients who want to shed some pounds, the ones who lift heavy weights, runners, basketball players, men and women - everyone can benefit. If you base your diet on fruit, vegetables and pulses, you’ll see great results in the gym, in your general levels of well-being, and even in your next blood test.

But as a Nutrition Specialist, I also know that every-body is different. We have different needs and cravings, different starting points and different goals. So, everyone would have different calorie and macro needs, according to their aims.


As an ever-extending platform, we want to introduce our new recipe section where we are planning to add a bunch of plant-based muscle food to improve your performance, help you with fat loss, strength gains and overall health.

Using my years of experience as a vegan athlete and personal trainer, I believe I have the right formula to help you achieve your goals.

I teamed up with industry-leading chefs to make sure that these recipes are not just nutritious but taste amazing as well.

Vegetable Couscous