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Bada Ball is a simple game similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, where two players compete to be the first to play and to play with .Bada Bougaloo is a game in which players compete to see who can be the first to complete a race within a fixed time .Beattle Ball is a game that has its own website. Users must "gasp, then gasp again, while the screen repeatedly asks for user passwords to access the site". An earlier version of the game, with the name "Beattle Ball", was released to the public in 1996 by The site's owners have released the source code for the "old" version as open-source. In 2014, Beattle Ball was released as a product of Duplo Games as BBA Ball.Bellar Battle Ball is a line of BattleBall-style sports games.The Big Ball has a unique hole located in the top of the outer sphere. This hole is so large that a single ball can be removed and it will be guaranteed to clear the opening. The single ball serves as a special "wild" ball. It can be used to make a game of "sudden death" by hitting the game ball into the opening. Though it may not be the official object of the game, The Big Ball is a special part of The Big Ball game series. This game was made by Nintendo, because Nintendo wanted to make a game like Big Ball. Other uses Big Ball is also the name of a professional wrestling ring. The Big Ball is also the name of a professional wrestling stable in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The Big Ball is also the name of a professional wrestling faction in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. References External links Category:Ball games Category:Individual sports Category:Amusement park attractions Category:Wii U games Category:Xbox 360 games Category:Windows games Category:Multiplayer and single-player video gamesQ: What to do about a question with several different answers? This question is a little long, but I'm sure it will help others. The question was about incorporating OpenMP into a Fortran program, which had been pretty hard to figure out. So I rewrote the question, because of several answers, to make the question a bit easier. This seems to have resulted in a good discussion. A comment by @Alwyn above suggests that it might




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