Many programmes offer to help you look like your favourite superhero. With Superhuman 5-9, you'll not just get the physique of a hero, but you'll perform like one.


Using my knowledge as a Strength and Conditioning Coach I created this programme with the intention of getting stronger, more muscular and well-conditioned. This system uses a strategic model to enhance performance each week.
Different phase, different purpose. Endurance, Robustness, Durability, Toughness. I've Got You Covered.
Superhuman 5-9 is a five-week programme which covers all aspects of fitness including conditioning, muscle building and strength. I developed the 5-9 system based on periodisation and years of experience. I use this technique with many of my clients and the results are always phenomenal.


The programme periodised for 5 weeks but if you enjoy it you can extend it to an additional 4 weeks (hence the name 5-9) for a total of 9 weeks.
Superhuman 5-9 is perfect for novice lifters who want to widen their knowledge on different training principles and get a bigger exercise repertoire.
  • Move from being a beginner to an Advanced ​lifter
  • Challenge your Strength and Endurance
  • Build a functional body that is capable of handling what life throws at you
  • Move Like an Athlete

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