Thanks to the kettlebell's special design it challenges the stabiliser muscles in a way that other equipment wouldn’t, so it’s great for rehabilitation, and athletic development.


This programme is great for those who want to build a body that is more functional for everyday activities. 
I created these workouts to keep my muscle without the gym, improve my joint mobility and train power movements at my home.
Swing is a 4-week programme that contains 3 different workouts with more than 20 unique kettlebell exercises, from stability to power and more complex movements to be an all-around, functional athlete. 


You'll need 2 different size kettlebells for the best results. I'd suggest a minimum of an 8kg and a 12kg set even if you're a beginner. As I always say: "if you can raise a kettlebell with a straight-arm then the weight is too light!"
Kettlebells have to be heavy enough to force you to use your hip for power movements.

I use a 14kg for lighter moves and a 20kg bell for heavy work. 
  • Keep and Build Muscle at Home
  • Improve Joint Mobility and fix old injuries
  • Learn new moves with mixing Power and Stability exercises
  • Move Like an Athlete